Must-Haves for a Stylish Diwali!

As everyone’s beloved festival gets closer, our days are filled with planning parties and decorating! However, how do you add that festive touch without losing the sophisticated style of your home? We have some tips from our Diwali Edit to help you make the best choices in every area of your home.

Chic Candle Holders

It’s not Diwali without candles and tealights everywhere! A quick trick to make your décor appropriately festive is to choose chic lanterns and hurricanes to hold the flames. You can choose traditional or modern styles, just add them to every corner for your home to give those Diwali vibes.

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Scents to Impress

Did you know that our olfactory sense is most closely connected to our memory? Utilize this to make your Diwali gathering the most memorable with decadent scents for each celebration! Use scented candles and diffusers to create a bespoke scent for every room and change the festive vibe instantly. Lively notes like oud and orchid are perfect for the living room, while softer scents like lavender and bergamot are great for bedrooms & balconies. Also a great gift for your loved ones!

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Elevate Your Serveware

Details matter a lot, especially when it comes to card parties, visiting relatives, and other Diwali merriment. While you might have all the drinks, snacks and gossip in place, don’t forget to showcase your fancy serveware and glassware for those special occasions!

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Add Style in Every Corner

Make every corner of your home special with festive accents and stylish updates to your interiors. Bring together your living room décor using sculptures & accents to form delightful clusters & tablescapes. Add your family photographs to the space to give everything a comforting vibe while staying chic! It is the little things that come together to create that beautiful celebratory atmosphere.

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Vases to Add Glam

Never underestimate flower power, the sweet scent of fresh blooms and the sight of new glossy arrangements instantly enhance any space. This is also a great way to keep the tradition of floral decorations but in a modern way! You can use them to create everlasting arrangements with dried flowers or vase-fillers that will keep your home Diwali-ready all the time for any lovely surprise visitors.

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Loved these ideas? Get more inspiration with our carefully curated selection of festive favourites and season must-haves in our Diwali Edit. Hope you have a delightful and prosperous Diwali ahead!

- Written by Geetika Agarwal