Step-up Your Christmas Serveware!

Making merry with friends and loved ones, hosting joyful get-togethers, all of the family gathered together, it’s that Christmas time of year again! As you plan your holiday parties, don’t forget to make your dinner & lunch tables sparkle with Christmas spirit. Here are some tips to elevate your serveware game featuring our Stylish Tableware and Chic Glassware!

Plate-up elegantly

Even the humblest of meals seems like a king’s feast when served up on a fun & stylish plate. The golden rule is to use your plates to enhance the beauty of the food, so pair colorful Christmas cookies with solid colors, and simpler-looking baguettes and naans with patterned styles or bold colors.

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Kolibri - Chestnut Brown
Show-off those cakes

Overload of Christmas cakes and desserts in your kitchen? Bring them out to the table with chic cake-stands and domed servers! An easy way to add a festive mood to your home, it also encourages everyone to take a few to help finish the lot. They also make for a great centerpiece to anchor your tablescapes during parties.

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ASA Selection Germany Seasons Cake Stand - Denim
Elevate those placemats

For the guests and for everyday meals too! Get the family into the merry mood by elevating the mealtimes even when there are no guests around. Different colors and shapes set the atmosphere differently, light colors give a fun informal vibe while rounded mats are perfect for cozy get-togethers.

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ASA Selection Germany Meli Melo Rectangular Placemats, Set of 2 - Earth Brown
Make essentials elegant

Nothing ruins the look of an elegant table faster than a plastic wrapper, so make sure to decant your condiments into pretty bottles and set-up a chic holder for your napkins. Adding cute seasonal salt & pepper shakers is an easy way to keep your table in the Christmas mood all-day with little effort!

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Rader Germany S&P House Salt and Pepper Shaker Set
Bring out the fancy glassware

We’re all protective of our favorite glassware sets but they’re meant to be held and admired, not hidden away in a cabinet! Bring out those gorgeous sets to make your table even merrier during the Christmas party. Make sure to match your glassware to the mood, like heavier crystal ones are better for sit-down dinners while lighter glass ones are perfect for moving about in a party.

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NUDE Turkey Fantasy Champagne Glasses, Set of 2
Share snacks in style

Keep the Christmas theme going with minimal yet on-theme serveware, that can sit proudly at the table without hampering the vibe. Whether it’s serving fresh cookies or candy-canes, adding a touch of elegance to snack-time enhances the festive vibe immensely. Plus, it’s much easier to pass them around the room this way!

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Guzzini Italy Tierra Bowls Small, Set of 6 - Assorted

We hope these little reminders help you create many joyful Christmas memories around the table with your loved ones this year. Do show us your merry table-settings and décor with our serveware by tagging us on Instagram @modernquests

- Written by Geetika Agarwal