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Article: Let Your Decor Choose Your Next Vacation!

Let Your Decor Choose Your Next Vacation!

It’s the season of summer and we’re all planning our getaways but the age-old question arises, where do we go this time? We’re here to solve that dilemma with some fabulous decor! We’ve shortlisted 6 of the most popular interior styles and paired them with the perfect destinations that capture that aesthetic beautifully. Take a look and see which destination your decor style is taking you to next!

1. Bohemian ✈️ Bali, Indonesia

If there is a place that encapsulates the bohemian lifestyle perfectly, it is definitely Bali in Indonesia. A wonderful combination of lush jungles and ephemeral beaches, it not only has jaw-dropping natural beauty but also incorporates that greenery into its decor and lifestyle. From hanging pots and planters, to a focus on sustainable tourism, Bali is the mecca for any boho chic lover!

2. Minimal ✈️ Hokkaido, Japan

It's no secret that Japan is the birthplace of minimal decor, but when looking for the serenity provided by a perfectly placed elegant sculpture you need to know where to go. Hokkaido, the northernmost island in Japan, provides that vibe perfectly with traditional inns and onsen hot-springs set in beautiful landscapes of quiet rural beauty that will take your breath away.

3. Rustic ✈️ Tuscany, Italy

The beauty of the Tuscany region in Italy is that you can experience true rustic provencial living in all of its forms. From rolling hills, to sun-drenched vineyards, and luscious orchards, every spot is one where you can take a wine glass and just enjoy the passing of time. We recommend hiring a convertible to road-trip through the towns to experience all of the friendly countryside!

4. Tropical ✈️ Harbour Island, Bahamas

Sun, sand, beach, scuba and coconuts, if any of that sounds like you then you’ll love a vacay in the Bahamas! Take a walk along Harbour Island’s famed pink-sand beach or sample the mouth-watering Caribbean cuisine that you’ll definitely try to recreate on your dinnerware back home. A perfect mix of partying and peaceful activities, the Bahamas is everything a tropical lover needs!

5. Modern ✈️ Oslo, Norway

Take a glimpse at the perfect balance between nature and future at Oslo, Norway! Preserving their rich natural environment, respecting their heritage and yet entwining modernism in every facet of daily life, Norweigenians have cracked the code. Throw on your travel bag to experience this delightful city with a bike tour of the National Opera building or go kayaking around the timeless fjords!

6. Romantic ✈️ Paris, France

Of course if we’re talking about romance, we need to visit Paris! After feeding each other baguettes at the eiffel tower, there’s a whole host of enchanting history and style to discover in the Parisian by-lanes. Each inch of the city from mansions to vases, exemplifies the classic romantic decor style with intricate woodwork, delicate craftsmanship and impeccable style!

We hope we gave you some ideas for your next holiday destination, do tag us @ modernquests on Instagram if you’re heading to one of these spots! If you’re not in the mood for traveling, you can always bring the vacation vibe home with a decor update and some friends for a fun get-together. Check out our new decor collection to get the ideas flowing!

- Written by Geetika Agarwal

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