7 Accessories to Elevate Your Bathroom

Bathrooms are fast becoming one of the few places of peace in our busy lives, where we concentrate solely on ourselves and self-care. No calls, no interruptions (hopefully), just zoning out in a little oasis! Naturally we want this space to reflect the serenity we want to feel. So here are a few of our top tips to neaten & add elegance to your bathrooms with thoughtfully selected accessories:

1. Jars for Everything
Messy packaging and loud colors are the quickest way to lose that peaceful vibe. Plus, the irritation from trying to find an earbud in a rush is no laughing matter! Decant your essentials into chic minimal jars that can sit prettily on your counters or stay neatly in your cabinets. You can also label them to make it easier to find things later.

Zone Denmark
Ume Jar with Lid - Black

2. Dispensers to Hold All
Not just for hand-soap and sanitizers! Most dispensers have a volume of 200-400 ml which is also perfect for bath essentials like body-wash, shampoo etc. They’re a great way to save space in the shower area, as you can replace your big hefty bottles with these neat matching dispensers. Also, don’t you just love how aesthetic the shelf looks compared to before?

Kleine Wolke Drip Soap Dispenser - Black

3. Trays for Organizing
Be it a towel-display or just a catch-all on the counter, chic trays can help even the most random assortment of things look neat! Consider the material carefully for style and function, for example concrete gives a modern vibe but glass works for shower-areas as it is waterproof. Use them to sort your bath products in neat clusters according to type or scent.

ESQ Living Menlo Small Tray - Grey

4. Accents for Vibes
If there’s décor in your living room and the bedroom, then why not the bathroom? Add on appropriate accents to make it match the rest of your elegant home. Wall mirrors have a two-in-one benefit of amplifying the space and being very useful. Faux plants and sculptures can help create a mood and add your personality to the space!

Umbra Hubba Pebble Mirrors, Set of 3 - Brass

5. Organizers to Stash Them
Recognize that there are certain items in the bathroom that do not need to be out all-day every-day. Things like make-up and shaving supplies that are used once or twice in a day can be neatly stored in organizers when not in use. Even if you leave the organizer out, it looks much neater than a jumbled mess of products next to the sink!

Joseph Joseph Viva Cosmetic Organiser with Removable Mirror - Large

6. Bins Close By
No one likes to hold trash in the best of times, and it's worse when you have to do it while searching for a bin! Invest in smaller waste bins for everyday waste like make-up wipes, earbuds or packaging and a larger bin near the WC for the other waste. Apart from being easier to sort for recycling, this also helps save time since you’re not turning back and forth to dispose off things.

Kleine Wolke Silence Pedal Bin Small - Platinum

7. Toilet Brushes to Match
Everything in your bathroom looks perfect except that necessity in the corner. Elevate the toilet brush to match the rest of the aesthetic with a sleek toilet brush & holder combo. It not only camouflages the tool perfectly, but also adds another way to establish your style in the bathroom. It’ll look so chic that you won’t want to hide it in a corner anymore!

Blomus Germany Sono Toilet Brush - Tarmac

We hope these little tips helped you out in figuring out which bathroom accessories you need to elevate your space. Tag us in your bathroom before-and-afters on Instagram at @modernquests we’d love to see how you enhanced your home!

- Written by Geetika Agarwal