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Great bag for travelling and daily purposes

Excellent liked it same as shown in the picture and original you can trust modern quest ❤️

Very nice egg holder!

I am very happy with the pair of egg holders I purchased. They are wide mouthed and just what I needed.

Decent bag

Quality is good as expected. The bag can carry a laptop camera equipments and there is some extra space too. It can carry tripod. As per my usage, it's perfect . I am quite satisfied

Multipurpose bag and it is beautiful

I was looking and looking for the perfect bag for whole day work: not only it is light it looks amazing as well. Just love this to bits

Gorgeous product..recommend for living area space

Wonderful product

I purchase two for office nd another home..It undoubtedly recommended product

Very cute nd elegant 😍 👌


Rcvd Shipping as usual very carefully..delighted to be shopping with MQ

Good quality product

Interesting product. Little High price - but is justified with the innovative cute design and good quality received.

Nostalgic Good for House Warming Gift

Brings back old memories. Clock is crisp and clear. Black Background is good though since its open u hv to keep dusting it. The Chimes and Bells are awesome. Especially the birds chirping are so natural u feel a actual bird is in the house
You have options to switch off the birds chirping or set to low or normal.
Doesn't look sturdy. (It is Sturdy don't worry) As the frame is not wood.
The Cucoo doesnt come out like a traditional clock only up and down. Its a major downer
Would have liked a glass casing to protect it from dust
Adjusting the meachanisim for the correct no of times for the bird to sing is v v difficult. The instructions are not clear at all

great piece

very elegant and the finish is smooth and excellent... quality also superb...


The outer material is sturdy. The print on it is pretty. The compartments are practical. The zipper covers on the compartments are the best part, so the jewellery is not rubbing on itself.
I do find it a tad over priced. But then there are no similar products in the market.

Nordic pine rectangular box

Good quality.looks is beautiful.but little expensive.

Nice Bag, but handle should have been more thick, and it's bit overpriced.

expensive but cute

Great product

It looks just as cute as it does in the pictures.


Minimal and great for people that don't carry too much cash

Decent and Elegant Clock

Received product in proper packaging and the clock is quite elegant and added a classy look to our table.

Gorgeous glassware

These gin goblets are beautifully crafted. A great addition to any bar and sure to be noticed.

Nice bottle

I liked the color and the finish , nice bottle to carry, water remains cold.
Price tad bit on the higher side

Really nice bottle

I liked the color and the finish , nice bottle to carry, water remains cold.
Price tad bit on the higher side

Egg separator

cute looking.

Squeeze bottle by Oxo

Nice squeeze easy bottle.