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Beautiful and Handy!

I love this jewellery box! The perfect size for travelling and the compartments are perfect for long earrings. Stackers is my favourite brand for jewellery storage

A great Wallet!

I was constantly looking for a wallet that had to be slim, minimalist, and yet traditional. The Pioneer Altitude Wallet clicked all my checkboxes. I am very happy with my purchase. This ends my search for the perfect wallet.

Excellent Product

Great for storing both large utensils and knives.



Innovative stuff

Hey guys, I really liked the cactus pods holder.
nice stuff.

Quality product

I'm personally much satisfied with the products from Modern quests but price is bit high!

No good feel an touch

Very delicate and doesn't feel like niche . Though shape is good πŸ‘

Good but ineffective at times!

Sometimes the tea powder will leak into the glass through openings in the porcelain cup ! But good as infuser for coffee /tea bags

Excellent shaving brush gives good lather resuting in a smooth shave

Half satisfied

Card holder is good but attached book not upto the mark. Very small not adequate for keeping anything

Best quality

I like it

Watch Box 4-piece - Brown
Anurag Thatipally
Amazing built

This case has the outer shell that is really strong and good look but on the inside is the real magic because the material is well thought about the watch holders are just soft and squishy in center to fit any watch


Beautiful set of glass …. Crystal clear glass

Beautiful Stoneware!!

This large Stoneware baking dish is a must have for your kitchen. It combines utility and elegance and is worth getting.

So pretty

It’s absolutely stunning ! Has a clean finish and is a great organiser

The bag is lovely! It's everything that I was wishing for. Sturdy, good quality, amazing design too!
Thank you so much Modern Quests for delivering the product so promptly. :)

Havana belt

Good quality, prompt delivery

Looks classy

This works as an ideal pasta plate or for serving appetisers. The muted colour is pleasing to the eyes and the size is good too. Good quality.

Perfect Gin glasses

These glasses look classy, they are the right size and the hold is comfortable without being too bulky, go for them

Excellent Product

The product is well designed and fits all bottles. The quality is top-notch.

Very sturdy and classic looking

Sturdy and classic looking backpack. Can be taken on adventures or to office too!

Good product. Shipping could be faster.


You get what you pay for, The best edc sling bag!!
Tnx MQ.