The idea of Modern Quests originated with the intent to provide consumers with carefully curated lifestyle products from innovative brands based in different parts of the world. We work with some very driven design houses to source contemporary accessories and gift items. We are based in New Delhi and our goal is to eliminate the need for Indian consumers to purchase items from international websites and deal with high import duties, documentation and long delivery times.

Having started with 100 products and 14 international brands, we now stock more than 900 products from 50+ brands and are actively growing our collection each month! Our success is a direct result of happy customers who come back searching for more unique and creative products.

Meet the team:
Sheena Garg – Creative
The one who came up with the idea! A photographer and mixed media artist who studied in California, where she was amazed with the vast selection of inspiring designs and creative products. After moving back to India, Sheena actively pursued corporate gifting for some time before finally chasing her dream to start!

Anshul Khanna – Operations
The co-founder and seasoned Ops guy who loves taking on new challenges! While having worked in various industries, Anshul's love for operations still stays the same. Backed by his e-commerce years in Toronto, his experience and motivation fuel his dream to grow MQ every day!

Ashish Gupta – Supply Chain
What helps us maintain our stock levels so that we fulfill our orders on time - definitely a smooth supply chain! With his previous experience in a fast growing startup in the food industry, Ashish's skill set is perfectly applied to coordinate all import and domestic shipments to ensure we always have enough product to sell!

Ashutosh Sharma – Fulfillment
Now comes time to shipping out orders and that's where Ashutosh steps in! With a strong background in production and order completion from his recent experience in a large textile house, Ashutosh's ambition and passion for startups helps ensure our customers are always satisfied with their order timeline!

Gagan Kumar – Inventory
Gagan brings in his diverse experience in brick and mortar retail and applies his skills in managing our growing (and sometimes chaotic) warehouse! His work ensures we are able to sell items that are not just visible on the website, but also definitely in stock and ready to dispatch.

Neha Mehndiratta – Customer Relations
No matter how much we plan or perform, sometimes things still go sideways and that's when Neha steps in. Her experience in managing customers (who usually get annoyed fast) and handling product or delivery issues helps her smooth things out as quickly as possible!

Himanshu Bhatia – Finance
The smart accountant who loves data and excel sheets! High volume orders and daily import and purchase transactions can get exhausting. That's why Himanshu has got our back and ensures we stay caught up with all the rules and don't miss out of anything while running the show.

Gopal Gupta – Execution
Fast fulfillment goes hand-in-hand with excellent service and that's what Gopal brings to our table! While being fairly new to this industry, Gopal's dedication and enthusiasm helps make sure our delivery partners always stay on course to get their work done on time!

That's it for now! We hope you enjoy your shopping experience at our website. If you have interesting brands in mind that you feel we should stock or if you would like to join a fun and fast growing start-up, drop us a note at and we’ll make sure we get back to you soon!