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Your Decor Chooses Your Next Vacay! - Modern Quests

Let Your Decor Choose Your Next Vacation!

It’s the season of summer and we’re all planning our getaways but the age-old question arises, where do we go this time? We’re here to solve that dilemma with some fabulous decor! We’ve shortliste...

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The Zodiac Gifting Guide - Modern Quests

The Zodiac Gifting Guide

Believe in it or not, but your zodiac is something integral to your life! While every person is different, it’s sometimes fun to connect with other people over some shared traits. Our gifting guide...

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Decoding Decanters - Modern Quests

Decoding Decanters

You have the wine, you have the stemware, but do you have the right decanter for your vino? That’s the question we’re here to answer today with this handy guide to help you choose the best decanter...

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7 Accessories to Elevate Your Bathroom - Modern Quests

7 Accessories to Elevate Your Bathroom

Bathrooms are fast becoming one of the few places of peace in our busy lives, where we concentrate solely on ourselves and self-care. No calls, no interruptions (hopefully), just zoning out in a li...

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9 Amazing Secret Santa Gifts Ideas - Modern Quests

9 Amazing Secret Santa Gifts Ideas

Christmas time is almost here and with that comes the fun of Secret Santa gifting! However, whether it be in the office or between family and friends, sometimes you just can’t figure out what gift ...

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Step-up Your Christmas Serveware! - Modern Quests

Step-up Your Christmas Serveware!

Making merry with friends and loved ones, hosting joyful get-togethers, all of the family gathered together, it’s that Christmas time of year again! As you plan your holiday parties, don’t forget t...

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Which Laptop Bag Are You? - Modern Quests

Which Laptop Bag Are You?

Laptops are an accessory we all cannot live without, and yet we don’t pay enough attention to how we carry them! A boring standard laptop bag does the job, but it doesn’t match our elegant lifestyl...

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Must-Haves for a Stylish Diwali! - Modern Quests

Must-Haves for a Stylish Diwali!

As everyone’s beloved festival gets closer, our days are filled with planning parties and decorating! However, how do you add that festive touch without losing the sophisticated style of your home?...

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8 Easy Cocktails to Make at Home - Modern Quests

8 Easy Cocktails to Make at Home

Haven’t we all been there, wishing for the elegance of a cocktail but without the hassle of leaving home? Well, these 8 recipes are here to save the bar! These involve ingredients you’ll find at ho...

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8 Hacks to Make Your Kitchen Happier! - Modern Quests

8 Hacks to Make Your Kitchen Happier!

Keeping your kitchen neat, has more than just aesthetic benefits! Studies have shown that an organised space is also calming to the mind and helps uplift the mood of people in the space. Now many o...

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Moving Towards A Sustainable Lifestyle - Modern Quests

Moving Towards A Sustainable Lifestyle

Going to the greener grass is easier than ever in 2022. Reducing your carbon footprint is as simple as swapping single-use products with durable, reusable, and recycled products. Whether you’re a s...

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Serve to Impress! - Modern Quests

Serve to Impress!

Getting back to hosting get-togethers, family dinners or cocktail parties? It's about time! With multitudes of cuisine options to offer, the modern host (or hostess) requires a wide range of servew...

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