Serve to Impress!

Getting back to hosting get-togethers, family dinners or cocktail parties? It's about time! With multitudes of cuisine options to offer, the modern host (or hostess) requires a wide range of serveware to compliment the gourmet selection. A great assortment of platters not only accentuates your food, but can also become the subject of conversation during gatherings. Here is our list of four must-have serving accessories for your next party:

1. Chip And Dip Sets: Best way to start off any party. These sets can be handy to serve some special dips with veggies or chips before you bring out some appetizers.

(i) Sezione Round Serving Platter: Two intertwined square bowls for veggies or chips with a small round in the middle that is ideal to put dips, olives, or nuts with that make it great for serving snacks. Good looking & functional.

(ii) Rann Chip & Dip Platter: A well designed item to serve nachos, fritters or chips. The large surface area allows you store enough quantities and not worry about replenishing quickly.

2. Paddles and Platters: Must-haves for any party to serve some finger-licking appetizers. Easy to move around & large enough to display a spread.

(i) Be Happy Serving Platter: Great for serving some finger foods, crackers or some fruits & cheese, this platter has a slightly raised handle on one side making it easy to lift and serve. With words "Old Enough to Know Better and Young Enough to Do it Anyway" written in black against white porcelain, this platter looks cute yet elegant.

(ii) Long Ceramic Serving Paddle: This modern and minimal marble design serving paddle is designed to leave your guests admiring. Great for serving small snacks and sushi - easy to carry and serve.

3. Cheese Boards and Knives: Perfect for a fancy wine party. Serve a combination of cheese, olives, nuts, crackers, and dried fruits in any large platter and don’t forget to use your best set of knives to serve your cheese in style.

(i) Modula Serving Dome: A great multifunctional storage and serving solution that can be used to serve different types of cheese or cold cuts. The transparent lid allows to see it’s tempting contents while keeping them safe!

(ii) Nappa Dori Cheese Knives: These cheese knives are specially hand forged in brass to accompany the cheese course. The trio of slicer, fork and knife comes in a cutlery roll up handcrafted in a combination of suede and harness leather, perfect to roll out when you need them!

4. Cake & Dessert Stands: The party is not over yet - if you are planning to serve delicious pastries or cupcakes for dessert, then remember to put them up on a pedestal!

(i) Bakers Cake Dome with Glass Lid: Simple & functional way of serving cakes, and other goodies to your guests! The wooden base makes for a great resting place for desserts or fruits and the transparent glass cloche keeps them visible but fresh .

(ii) Lava Cake Stand: A stylish take on the traditional cake stand. Great for serving desserts, cakes or some hors d'oeuvres, this stand adds a touch of elegance and shine to your table setting.

Reduce your stress when hosting your next gathering by stocking up on some functional serverware from our curated range. Let your hard work in the kitchen be presented in style on your table. Check out all of our recommended serving products here.

- Written by Vishakha Chaudhary