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Article: What Your Kitchen Wants

What Your Kitchen Wants

While we are staying at home (probably for way longer than we had thought), a lot of us are finally learning or revisiting culinary skills - for better or worse! But, whether you are brewing tea or coffee or preparing a lavish meal for the family, a well equipped kitchen makes that job easier. When you’re scrambling to find the right condiments while cooking, you know it might go downhill from there! So here are our few suggestions that may help you better prepare yourselves during this elongated stay-at-home period.

First up, coffee and tea - such an essential part of our mornings that new additions are always welcome! Barista and Co from London, UK is an innovator focused on making your in-house coffee or tea preparations easier. Their hot selling brew-it stick infuser is a convenient tool to make the lighter morning coffee or just a simple tea to get you started.

On the other hand, a traditional french-press by Leonardo, Germany is the preferred apparatus to brew that bold and authentic cup of coffee in just a few minutes. The clean cylindrical design gives it a modern and minimalistic look and the wide glass handles makes it easy to hold and pour coffee effortlessly.

Second on the list, food prep! Ginger and Garlic are such vital ingredients in lot of cooking and the shred-line garlic and ginger grater by Joseph Joseph is great for making homemade garlic and ginger paste quickly. Versatile in design, this can also be used in grating nutmeg and other spices making it useful for baking as well! The Handi-Zest Citrus Zester from Joseph Joseph is a step up from your regular citrus zester and has its own mini blade wiper to catch all the remaining zest left in the back of the blade – both great tools for your kitchen!

Cooking or serving - While we are all used to just leaving that table salt in its packaging or that vinegar in its original bottle, wouldn’t it be convenient if you could have designated containers to access your condiments and oils? The trio set by Philosophy Home is a simple and practical way to quickly access your sugar, salt or another other essential.

The Cucina oil and vinegar duo by Leonardo, Germany is yet another clean and modern set to use in your kitchen or while serving your fancy homemade Italian meal!

Last but not the least, organization! How often do you end up with too many open snack packs and not enough clips or rubber bands to close them? Storage jars to the rescue! Minimal and elegantly styled storage jars are easy to access and a decorative accessory for your kitchen.

Cleaning up after your cooking tryst is probably the least attractive part of the process. The U-dry Dish Rack with Mat is the perfect blend of form and function and lets you easily stack and organize your dishes, cutlery and glasses allowing them to air dry while you go about your day – a great tool to avoid messy counters and the time consuming wiping of wet dishes.

For more solutions and accessories, you can always browse through our curated collections of functional kitchen tools and tableware sourced from various innovative brands. Stay Safe & Happy cooking!

- Written by Sheena Garg

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