8 Hacks to Make Your Kitchen Happier!

Keeping your kitchen neat, has more than just aesthetic benefits! Studies have shown that an organised space is also calming to the mind and helps uplift the mood of people in the space. Now many of us know that an Indian kitchen is much more difficult to organise as compared to our western counterparts. The sheer variety of utensils, spices, and daily needs is often a barrier in achieving the kind of pristine oasis we see on social media. Not to worry, we at MQ have compiled a thoughtful list of must-have organisation hacks to make your kitchen your happy place!

1. Adjust space as you need it!

First let’s look at your everything drawer, where bowls, tiffins, lids and everything seems to end up! An easy way to sort them neatly is to use an adjustable organiser like our Peggy Drawer Organizer by Umbra. It allows you to create sections of your desired size within the drawer, allowing you the freedom to keep everything in an intuitive way.

Umbra Peggy Drawer Organizers - Modern Quests

2. Keep it visual.

One of the major things in an Indian kitchen is the variety of daals, and other grains needed every day. A smart way to lessen the chaos in your cupboards and also create a soothing visual is to store them neatly in airtight clear containers like our Stora Collection by Mepal. Plus, unlike traditional steel containers you don’t need to open 7 different jars to find the one you need!Mepal Stora storage boxes - Modern Quests

3. Redefine storage as sharing

Look at things differently! Rather than thinking of storage as just shoving everything away, think of it as a way to display your interests. For example, the coffee-pods can be a décor item with our Cactus Coffee Pods Holder by Present Time!

Present Time Cactus Coffee Pods Holders - Modern Quests

4. Pretty is a good reason!

Not everything needs to be super purposeful! Sometimes changing things to a prettier or more attractive setting is all you need to be more motivated and happier in the kitchen. Now while a traditional oil tin works okay, a chic oil dispenser like our Dripless Oil Bottle by Trudeau is just so much nicer to look at. Also, bonus points it is dripless and more portable!

Trudeau Dripless Oil Bottles - Modern Quests

5. Right things in the right jar

You might think a jar is just a jar but in organisation, especially for kitchens, the choice of storage is super important! If your favourite snacks are in a jar too big that’s at the back of the cabinet, you’re already frustrated by just opening the door. Now imagine if they were in perfectly sized jars on the counter with an easy-reach lid like our Good Grips Pop Cookie Jar by OXO! Aren’t you smiling already? And yes, you can take the whole jar to the couch to ‘save time’.

OXO Good Grips Pop Cookie Jar - Small - Modern Quests

6. Don’t forget the sink!

An often-neglected part of kitchen makeovers, your sink is a place where organisation is very important! Apart from hygienic reasons, it is also a way to inject a meditative quality into a tiresome task. Keep your sponges & scrubbers dry and neat with our Park It Sinkside Organizer by Koziol Germany, it even has a rack for the wiping cloth and a handy draining hole as well.

Park it Sinkside Organizer - Modern Quests

7. Organise intuitively

Pay attention to how you’re organising and if it works for the future too. Opening a drawer while cooking can be a big hassle so use tools like our Ladle Rest by Blim Plus to keep that ladle handy! Similarly, to keep counters tidy while cooking, use the Calypso Waste Bin by Mepal to dispose of food waste as you chop. No more sticky surfaces and running to the bin after every veggie!

Mepal Calypso Food Waste Bin & Blim Plus Stan Ladle Rest - Modern Quests

8. There is more space than you think!

This is especially true of drawers and cabinets, where we tend to overlook the storage possibilities in terms of height. In a deeper drawer you can organise things in a stack and for cabinets you can use the Bellwood Expandable Organizer by Umbra. This nifty tool features three expandable tiers, that can be customized to best fit your cupboard, countertop, or shelf space!

Umbra Bellwood 3-Tier Organizer - White - Modern Quests

We hope these hacks help you create your dream kitchen experience! After all, it is the heart of the home and whether you’re a chef or a taster, it deserves to be as joyful as the rest of your home. If you liked these hacks do share them with your friends too!

- Written by Geetika Agarwal