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Fantastic decor pieces from around the world, and where to find them in India. Seriously, I could not have started better. In short: Hello freedom from shipping. Hello no obligations to family friends who are abroad. And hello, hello beautiful products from around the world right at my door step. This news is pure bliss!

Allow me to introduce you to Modern Quests today, a premium online outfit that curates and brings in global brands and designs right here in India for us to enjoy. Yup, yup. And you know what? They had me at Hello!I was glued to Modern Quests for the longest time and I wanted everything! It was a child in a candy store situation, and that’s a major thumbs up if you’re a decor enthusiasts. And while I mooned and wooned at the collections, I could not help but notice a few things about Modern Quests that struck me very happy.

Sourcing decor pieces is only half work done. The key is to curate

Sourcing is one thing and curating is another, and Modern Quests curates. Each product ever so tastefully.
Not a jarring thing to be seen in sight, no overtly cute suffocation either- just beautiful, classy and graceful lines that are so evocative of the country they come from!

And when I say that I do not write figuratively. The candles from Skandinavisk actually brings in a whiff of the great Norwegian landscapes with it’s 3 candles- HAV [HOW], Ö [URR] And FJORD [F-YOR]. Each with its distinct fragrance that mimics the vast outdoors, raw seasons and abundance of water in Scandinavia, these come in the cutest votive ever with stamped beechwood lid. If you like collecting pretty things, you’ll be sold any which ways at this point of time.

The fragrances are Smell-Cations

I am a dreamer. I like imagining, quite like Anne with an E. Maybe not as vivaciously, but yeah, the head’s definitely leagues ahead of my lazy body. And in these candles I found my perfect smell-cations. In FJORD you can actually smell the Coniferous forests with fruity notes that instantly weaves drama of the Norwegian fjords while HAV [HOW], Nordic for ‘sea’, brings in notes of water flora, driftwood, sea froth and fresh air. Ö [URR] on the other hand lends you silken lakes, secluded islands, silent forests and damp rockmoss. It’s strange how they can quickly transport you a different place altogether. Sensory apparitions methinks.

Another great and crucial point about Modern Quests is the fact that they carry a fabulous shuffle of decor styles. From Scandi and Nordic decor to quintessentially English and meticulously modern decor- seek and you shall receive. This beautiful copper candle stand from black and blum for example! Made out of a single coil of wire and finished to perfection- this is modern craftsmanship at its best. And just in case you are up for it, you could get in another and inter link them to make a candle stand that’s truly one of its kind.

Now I am no bling decor girl {except for faucets! Yeah I have a bathroom bling thing} but I can definitely see me using this as a centerpiece. Maybe sub the candles for tiny bouquet of flowers.

I am quite smitten by MQ at the moment, but to be fair, these candles are my heart. And the cute as buttons note books by Alice and Scott, UK. Oh, and the White Lilly candle by Max and Benjamin. Haha, the list never ends but darling time do! I am running short of time here, and I am 542 words heavy already. How do I always reach at this stage?

Never mind, hang in there with me and in our next post, I will show you how I styled the white lillies by Max and Benjamin, a few more shots of how the Skandinavisk candles look in my home {Fjord broke. And it broke my heart} and a little about Sheena behind Modern Quests about whom you’ll love to know. After all, it’s the people that do great things and brings in great vision to life and I find it mandatory to talk about people who brings in delight in our lives, everyday.

Wow, 647 huh! I cannot stop writing. I have a disease.

I’m leaving you all hungry and here but tom I’ll add in part 2.

Till then, let’s play office office.

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Part 1 - 23 May 2017