Yahoo Trends - 20 Decor Pieces that Rock the Copper Trend this Diwali

For centuries, Indian artisans have been working with copper; smelting, moulding and rolling it, beating, polishing and tempering it into handcrafted, heirloom metalware. Along the way, the metal lost its allure as urban-dwelling, nuclear families sought easy-to-maintain homeware in contemporary designs. Then around 2016, copper made a comeback on the international design scene. It glinted across kitchen fixtures, bathroom faucets and furniture fittings and eventually, became the star material for a host of trendy lifestyle offerings.

With the current movement towards slow, sustainable living, it looks like the metal and its derivatives are here to stay. “Copper, as a material, lasts forever; it’s an investment for a lifetime. 80 percent of the copper available on the planet right now has been recycled,” says Seemantini Mihir who heads Social Media Marketing and E-Commerce at Pune-based lifestyle brand Studio Coppre. Its natural, rose-gold tint is beautiful to boot! This makes copper, as a material and colour, a hot favourite around the festive season.

We’ve picked 20 copper, bronze and copper-toned homeware pieces to up the luxe quotient of your Diwali decor settings.

14. Raise a toast to friends and family with these handmade, brass Pineapple Shot Glasses from Modern Quests. Rs. 2,675 (set of two).

19. A marriage of concrete and copper-toned metal make up the appropriately named Fuse Speckled Vase from Modern Quests. Rs. 1,850.