Old might be gold, but the new is Copper

Trends come and go, but metallics have been an ongoing trend in the world of interior design with the latest addition being Copper. Copper tends to be a colour which sets itself in between the traditionalism of gold and the modernism of silver, offering a more industrial and minimalistic feel.

Copper fits the bill for all seasons – whether it’s the white and pastel colors of summer, the red and orange of autumn, or the darker shades of winter. And you don’t need to put copper all over to get the look. You can easily update a space with small details. Here are a few ways you accessorise your living space with copper:

The Copper Collection by Umbra – Umbra tends to work around a lot of different metals, Copper being one. Their Prisma collection of frames plays beautifully with copper and is a perfection addition of metal and glass to your space. Display your photos in these stylish geometric frames, which will add a third dimension to your photos. The wire shapes show through the front of the frame as your photos float in between two panes of glass. Another fine work of industrial design comes from Michelle Ivankovic in form of the Ribbon Wall Clock. With it’s reflective sheen and rich tone, the ribbon clock adds a touch of glamour to any room. Elevate the design of your home by accenting an empty wall with this stainless steel bent and copper finished wall clock. View the Umbra Collection

Loop Maison by Black + Blum – Black + Blum's Loop collection is all about playing with different metals to make a sculptural tabletop range. The minimal and elegant aesthetics make the designs timeless and allow them to suit any interior. The loop starts with a straight wire that is bent by hand until the form is just perfect. The ever changing radius makes it a challenge to replicate, but beautiful when you get it right! The Loop Maison collection includes a gorgeous copper tealight holder and an elegant chrome/copper candelabra. The copper tealight holder curves beautifully and the copper finish gives a timeless and elegant look - perfect to light up your space! The Loop Candelabra is inspired by the Fibonacci curve that is seen throughout nature and looks correct and balanced to the human eye. It sits well on any surface and can serve as a great centre-piece for any dinner table or as an accessory on your side table. View the Black+Blum Collection

Copper is really getting a lot of love right now - from wall clocks to candle holders to jewellery stands - the list goes on. The best thing about Copper is its versatility. Whether you have a minimalistic and modern living space or a vintage and rustic one, Copper tends to add a luxurious touch without being too overbearing. Experiment with the appeal that metallics provide and share your thoughts with us. We'll keep adding more products and content to make sure you're updated!

- Written by Saanya Nangia