With Love, From Italy

The vast greens of Tuscany, the historic remains of Pompeii, the gorgeous cliffs of Amalfi, the fabulous pizza of Naples, the serenity of Lake Como – Italy has so much to offer to a visitor! Read ahead as we take you on a journey through some of the iconic cities of this spectacular country.

Driving along the coast can be an interesting experience. Holding on to the last piece of land in sight and seeing a vast spread of water - It’s definitely an adventure! The Amalfi Coast boasts of having one of the most gorgeous coastlines in the world. The rugged mountaintops, the beautiful blues of the sea, the narrow winding roads, and cute little towns spread across the coast.

Modern Quests Amalfi Coast

Reminisce the vibe of the Amalfi Coast with the Amalfi Collection of Diffusers by Max Benjamin. The Acqua Viva and Dolce Sole Diffusers are inspired by the beautiful, colorful, and vibrant coast of Amalfi. The aromatic journey of local fresh fruits, plunging cliffs with wild flowers, and showers of fresh romantic sea air leaves you heady!

Amalfi collection Max Benjamin Modern Quests

Apart from the rich culture and awesome mouth watering food, Italy is oh-so-famous for its brands such as Prada, Gucci and Ferragamo. The country is renowned for its leather products and some of the best leather making factories are based in and around Florence. The sunset over the Ponte Vecchio bridge, Michelangelo’s David, the majestic Duomo, the numerous leather vendors, and the red painted roofs spread all over the city – all are synonymous with the city of Florence.

Florence Modern Quests

One of the popular destinations for leather-lovers is the Pierotucci Leather Factory, which employs some of the most talented and versatile artisans. In addition to producing leather goods for leading designer brands like Dunhill, Bally, Valentino, and Hugo Boss, Pierotucci also manufactures its own collection of leather goods. The handcrafted leather desk tray from the house of Pierotucci is as versatile as its beautiful. It holds keys, jewellery or wallets – perfect for someone who likes to be truly organized! Another favourite of ours is the grey slim leather laptop bag, which is finely rendered in soft calf-leather and has beautiful detailing and excellent craftsmanship - such a unique colour and truly a fashion piece from the producer of some of the best fashion goods!

Leather Tray Modern Quests

Closer to Florence is of course the city of canals – Venice! A must visit spot for all the tourists to Italy, Venice might seem to be the generic choice for most people but its charming little houses separated by narrow canals and gondolas with gondoliers serenading their passengers – all can turn even the most pragmatic person into a whimsical romantic.

Venice Modern Quests

Travel more north-east, and you reach the region of Trieste which is dominated by Austro-Hungarian, Slovenian, and Italian influences. Innovation doesn’t stop in this historic city and one example is Studio Stefanutti. They offer contemporary designs in the form of vinyl clocks and accessories made form recycled records. Started in 2010, the brand Disc’o’clock (by Studio Stefanutti) uses eco-friendly technique to engrave the records and different labels on each record make every product so unique! The Gold Vinyl Butterflies clock with cut out butterflies is definitely our favourite!

DiscOClock Modern Quests

That’s it for now! We definitely hope our work takes us back to Italy so that we can cherish its beautiful landscapes, embrace their unique culture and share more of their creativity through MQ! 

- Written by Sheena Garg