Inspiring Scandinavia

The term Scandinavia invokes a familiar stereotypical image of the region – the quaint countryside, the majestic fjords, the elusive Northern Lights, and the feeling of Hygge. The much talked about Danish word Hygge (meaning cozy) is a feeling of happiness in life’s everyday pleasures. It is the ability to be able to enjoy the intimacy, warmth and friendliness around everyday moments. Read ahead as we talk about some Scandinavian Design Houses, which transport you to that ‘Hygge’ part of the world.

Who doesn’t love a good smelling candle or a diffuser which just fills up the room with a refreshing smell. Through its collection, Denmark based Skandinavisk aims to globally spread a sense of Scandinavia – vast silent landscapes and raw seasons, cozy shared moments and quiet sophistication.

Modern Quests Nature Set

Be it the Nordlys - Norwegian for ‘northern light’ - one of nature’s magical seven wonders, a symphony of colour and movement, or the Fjord, representative of the drama of the Norwegian Fjords – crashing waterfalls and abundant fruits. One is just transported to these places through these heavenly fragrances!

Modern Quests Skandinavisk

Scandinavian design is often referred to as being simple and minimalistic in its form. There are a few design houses which provide the rest of the world with the Scandinavian sense through their Danish and Nordic designs. Bloomingville, based in Copenhagen, Denmark is one such brand driven by the fascination of Nordic style and living. Their Danish Vases with a cork base in soft pastel colors look amazing in any home setting. Exuberating simple yet modern sensibilities, the vases are a perfect ‘Hygge’ addition to any space. 

Modern Quests Bloomingville 1

The Bloomingville design philosophy can be conveyed in just four words - Bringing happiness through change. Not only because they love natural simplicity, but also because they’re deeply inspired by everyday designers – by how they, with great passion, keep their homes ever changing as a way to feel happy and alive.

Modern Quests Bloomingville 2

Moving away from refreshing scents and minimalistic designs, Scandinavia is also very popular for its beautifully designed audio products that gained popularity due to the incredible design firm Bang & Olufsen. Another recent Danish offspring is Copenhagen based Kreafunk, which combines functionality with creativity through quality products with an urban vibe. Our favorite are the black edition aGem earphones that ooze style and quality! 

Many consider Denmark as the design capital of world and I couldn’t agree more. Their approach to design and simplicity fascinates me every time. Hope our work takes us for a trip to the Nordic side to experience their lifestyle and culture. For now, their products will do just fine!

- Written by Komal Khanna