Three Unique Ways to Decorate Your Space

A beautiful home is something we all aspire for but at times are not able to figure out what elements are missing from the picture. Here are a few tips by our style editor on how to make your space truly unique!


With festivals around the corner, comes the guests! Candles, candlesticks, candelabras suddenly pop up in every mall or flea market. A British design house, Black + Blum from UK brings us some innovative and all-year around designs of tealight holders and candelabras that look stunning in any corner of the house!

Dinner Loop Black Blum Modern Quests

The Loop collection is unique in terms of design and uses different metal finishes to show off its elegant look. The Dinner Loop Candelabra with its interlinking candle holders gives a modern twist to the classic candelabra. The dinner loop is a great addition to those formal dinners you host or just a modern functional décor piece for your dining table!

TruMatter Modern Quests Tloop Copper

Photo Credit : TruMatter

The T-Loop collection from Black + Blum is the perfect Tealight holder. Made from just one piece of wire, the T-Loop is visually stunning and at the same time very functional as well. A great way to decorate your room in a minimalistic way! The soft shadows from the tealights and the contemporary loop design makes everything around look warm and soothing!


Predominantly used to a warm climate, our homes light up with some white relief. Whether it’s decorating your apartment space or a bungalow living room, Rader from Germany has designs which will look great all year around.

Lines Vase Rader Modern Quests

The collection of white vases from Rader are just the perfect accessory to accentuate the flowers you just bought from the around the corner. One of our favourites is the Lines Porcelain Vase - this simple and elegant vase fits well on any side table and doesn’t take the attention away from your beautiful flowers.

Mini Vases Rader Modern Quests

If you just want a hint of flora in your home, another great option is the Set of Three Mini Porcelain Vases. Minimalistic in design, these mini vases sit cutely on any table and a single stem rose or a contrasting color fern is just what completes the look!


Walls take up so much of our living space and an empty wall is like a blank canvas. Tastefully selected art pieces, photo frames with your best shots and interesting decals are a few ways to decorate those bare walls.

Paradise Decor Umbra Modern Quests

A unique way to accessorize is by adding some fun words to your wall. Umbra from Canada makes words out of metal in a neat font that would look awesome on any kind of wall. Put the ‘Hello’ next to your bedroom door or the ‘Paradise’ in your favorite room of the house – both will bring those walls to life!

Phantom Frame Umbra Modern Quests

Putting up pictures is a timeless way to decorate you walls. However, one can add a modern and creative twist to it with the Phantom Frame by Umbra. This classic metal wire frame allows your picture to create the illusion that it is floating and the use of wire construction allows the frame to hover away from the wall - instantly creating a sleek and updated look in your space!

The details make all the difference and there are just so many ways to accessorize your home. Watch this space for more tips!

- Written by Anisha Baijal